Food Products

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Tunisian table olives are known worldwide for their excellent characteristics, like the generous dimension, the great taste, a good balance between pulp and stone.
The olive can be whole, stoned, cut in half or stuffed with garlig or peppers.

Available packaging size :
  1. Birne olives in jars
  2. Birne olives in buckets
  3. Birne olives in barrels

Dried tomatoes

Sun-dried toatoes ar the base of numerous traditional recieps in central and southern Tunisia. In Southern Europe dried tomatoes in olive oil make up a delicious "antipasti".

Available packaging :
  1. 10 kg. carton boxes
  2. In olive oil, in a wide range of formats, in glass or tin.

Canned artichokes

Artichokes in olive oil make a great "antipasti" in italian cuisine, and are now very appreciated in Tunisia, thanks to the excellent quality of produce, from january to may. They will seduce chefs in great restaurants and housewives while preparing home made specialities.

Available formats :
  1. Artichokes in olive oil in jars
  2. Birne artichokes in jars
  3.  Birne artichokes in barrels

Canned Eggplant

Aubergines are a summer vegetable, versatile and very used as an "antipasti" in italian cuisine. Thanks to the high quality of our tunisian aubergine, many international customers use it in their finest cuisine.

Available formats :
  1. Aubergines in olive oil in jars.
  2. Birne aubergines in jars

Canned Courget (zucchini)

Zucchini is a vegetable available between the end of spring and beginning of summer to be served as an "antipasti" in italian cuisine. It is cultivated in many regions in Tunisia, and is known for its excelent taste.

Available packaging :
  1. Zucchini in olive oil in jar
  2. Birne zucchini in jar